The Fleet Management Expo. is Almost Here

April 21st, 2014

The Fleet Management Expo. is only two months away. This year the Expo. will be June 23rd – June 25th. Don’t miss out, make your arrangements now! The goal of the Fleet Management Expo is to provide fleet managers and owners, both public and private, the opportunity to participate in educational sessions, operate new equipment, discover new technologies, and relate with other industry professionals experiencing similar obstacles and successes in the waste and recycling industry. For more information, CLICK HERE

PA Independent Waste Haulers Association

The Pennsylvania Independent Waste Haulers Association provides a platform for the small, independent hauler to be heard concerning the effect of regulations upon their ability to compete in the highly regulated and competitive field of waste collection, handling and disposal. Any independent business person operating in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with a connection to the solid waste disposal industry is welcome and encouraged to join us.

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